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Friday, April 11, 2008

Liverpool Street Station 6pm Rick Astley - watch out US

I know a number of you saw my little plug for the
Rick Astley flash mob / rick roll / rick mob / rock mob / rick rolling, call it what you like, last week. So it's tonight. Literally, I don't know, tens, hundreds, thousands of people will be at Liverpool Street Station shaking their snake hips and singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" to Mr Astley's 1980's masterpiece.

Rick Astley - if you are the creator of this graph get in touch so I can credit you

I'm excited. The Americans kind of think they invented flash mobbing at stations - with their No Pants Subway Days and Frozen at Grand Central Station. They're a bit miffed that Rick Astley is taking the limelight at the moment. I was having a drink with Joel Veitch this evening (like you do - sorry I'm such a fan of the dancing penguins and kittens. Waving at LJ, Piero, Matt, Jerome & Nik too) and he pointed out that the BBC had interviewed him about Rick Rolling earlier that day. They dismissed it as a "daft craze".

But back to station flash mobs - that's hundreds of people meeting at an appointed time to do something - anything - the thing is they all do the same thing at the same time. Let's not forget that Victoria Station has been the home to several flash mobs.

Victoria Station flash mob dancing photo by majorarcana

Here's another from Victoria station. What about the Circle Line Parties? Eh, Eh. The UK & London can do them too.

I've never seen so many advance notices for a station flash mob in the UK before. It's been on the radio - in fact I'm hearing it on Heart FM as I type this blog post. It's being twittered. (here's me on twitter) Going round on emails. Everything.

The staff at Liverpool Street Station are certainly going to have a fun time.

UPDATE They came they saw they Rick Rolled

From Whatleydude's live blog of the event. Expect to see tons of different views of this on YouTube and any other video sharing site.

The video re-mix below by Rickrollerz rocks. Remember there was NO MUSIC at the actual event so they put this together by taking footage from loads of different people singing to song with their lips moving to exactly the right parts to the song.

I particularly like this picture from Orhan* and his description:

Rick Roll Flash Mob at Liverpool Street Station by Orhan*

"The crowd, under the electronic board, at exactly 6pm started singing a song by Rick Astley called "Never Gonna Give You Up" to the bemused looks of the commuters watching the spectacle from the balconies, and around the concourse area. After about two minutes singing the crowd disappeared,and everything was back to normal again."

Mmmm really sounds like there was a lot of disruption to hard working commuters by a "bunch of slackers" then. See some of the comments below if you'd like to know what I'm referring too.

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