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Monday, November 03, 2008

Alternative to Penalty Fares

Thanks to Peter F who did a double take as he spotted a rather extreme solution to penalty fares on the London Underground. He said: "I thought you might be interested to see the following picture I took the other day on a Westbound Jubilee line Tube. Not quite believing my eyes I took this picture. Apparently London Underground are now executing fare dodgers!!"

Alternative to Penalty Fare by Peter F

Perhaps the powers that be were a little too influenced by Halloween's ghoulish Tube going on's. However with some closer inspection, we can see it's down to those pesky kids from Mix The Message.com.

They say "On a given day the average citizen of this big old world will be bombarded with over 20,000 messages, in the form of: signs, notices, posters and adverts. Government, corporations and the media, tell us what to do, what to think and how to feel. We say break free of the machine."

Their stickers are designed to "Make your fellow citizens look at things differently, make them think.". The "penalty fare" one is the best of the transport collection - which includes signs pointing the way to first class vs undesirables carriages and giving up your seat to drunks.

No sitting

No Eye Contact by funkypancake

I still prefer the series of "No Talking", "No eye contact" and "No sitting" stickers, that were lurking around on the Tube a few years ago. They must have confused a fair few tourists on their journeys.

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