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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No kissing station zone

Hopefully the killjoy sign at Warrington Station wasn't put up on Valentine's Day. The station has now been separated into "kissing" and "non kissing zones" as part of a £1 million refurbishment.

No kissing sign at Warrington Station

Colin Daniels, chief executive of Warrington's Chamber of Commerce said: "It is a fairly congested station and ideally what we want is for people to come here, drop someone off and move on. But that wasn't always happening and people were lingering and causing delays.

"With these 'no-kissing' signs we are pointing out that we don't want people doing that right outside the front of the station. If they want to linger and say a longer goodbye they can do that in the 'kissing zone' where there is a limited amount of parking.

Radio 4 have a brilliant interview with Ken Gibbs from Virgin Trains who's trying to play down the story and suggest it's just a light hearted way of getting the message across.

I don't know why they didn't get the Japanese in for the signage. They wouldn't have messed about and would have come straight to the point. Kissing leads to well .. err ... you can see what it leads to below.

Subway sign in Toyko

Sadly the priority seating sign above turned out to be a spoof!

However, I wonder who's actually going to enforce the "no kissing" zones in Warrington? How long will it take for TfL to catch onto this idea and have "no snogging" signs on the Tube?

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