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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

London Bridge tube station appearing in a TV Advert?

Leaving the TV on as background noise the other day, I happened to look up just as an advert came on which seemed to be set inside London Bridge underground station. As I only just caught the advert out of the corner of my eye - which is apt as it was for mascara - I had to hunt around on YouTube to find the advert again.

Hang on, that isn't London Bridge station - or if it is, there is a very clean looking section of the tunnels I am not familiar with.

I presume the entire background is a "green screen" special effect, and although they have an authentic looking tube roundel, a fashion label wouldn't want to be too closely associated with the tunnels of the tube network itself.

Personally, I think if anyone goes to the trouble of licensing the tube roundel (they do have a license don't they?), then they should be required to use a real tube station for authenticity. Especially as they would probably have to hire a disused tube station and we can then get excited by the fleeting glimpses of the hidden world that lurks under our streets.

Incidentally, while I gather from the advert that it makes eye lashes appear longer, what is the Lash Accelerator they talk about? Does it make your eyes blink faster?

Yes, I just wrote a blog post about ladies makeup. I need to go down the pub and watch football to reclaim my masculinity!

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