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Friday, September 16, 2011

September's Celebrity Tube Spot / Stalk

Can you name this man?

Guess Who Tube  - 15th September 2011 by Annie Mole

It's another time where I'm in the position to spot a celebrity on the London Underground and as with Stewart Lee, this guy kindly let me take his picture, with the air of slight confusion when I say "I write a blog about the Tube".

I don't know what it is about Angel Tube, but that's where I also spotted Stewart Lee. Anyways the story to this, is that I got on at Angel London Underground about to go to a food blogger's event. I had a load of bags and stood by this guy as there were no seats. He very kindly offered me a seat, but I said no thanks, I'm only going one stop.

His face already looked familar to me. His voice made think "Where do I know you from"? He pulled out a little red Moleskin notebook and started writing in it. I'm pretty nosy on the Tube at the best of times, but as I already thought I knew who he might be, I looked for evidence in his notes.

Initially he seemed to have been writing a lot of numbers, then he started writing, sentences with a person's name appearing quite a lot in his notes. He could obviously tell I was studying the notebook in this lap.

So I said "Excuse me but are you XXXXXXX XXXXX?" (this is for those who still want to guess who he is). He said "Yes, I am, who are you? Where do I know you from?" I was quite shocked by that and said "Errr you don't". He said "So how do you know me?" I said "I'm an old fan!". He looked pleased. "What's your name?" he said. "It's Annie, I write a blog about the Tube". "Really?" he replied. "Yes," I said "Do you mind if I take your picture for my blog". "Ummm no, go ahead" he replied with the usual bemusement.

I took his picture. He then asked how would he be able to see it and I hurriedly told him my Twitter name which he noted in his notebook, just before I got off for my stop.

So there you have it. Do you know who is he? If you're of a certain age, you'll probably get it very quickly. I'll reveal the answer later on Friday and in the meantime, have fun guessing.

Update - Well a number of you have got it already.  So revealing much earlier than I thought. It was Roland Gift from The Fine Young Cannibals.  He was named in People magazine as being one  of the 50 Most Beautiful People on the Planet, was on the cover of Rolling Stone and has an AMAZING voice. I was obviously gobsmacked to  be having the above conversation with him on the Tube and humbled he was surprised someone recognized him.  Roland really hope you see this post and thanks for being so lovely and letting me take your photo for the blog.

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