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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Fish and Parcels and Sweets

Long journey home

Libran dilemma at Piccadilly Circus last night. Bakerloo to Waterloo then British Snail. Or the Dilly to Glamoursmith (Hammersmith) then District Line (Fish and Parcels Line) home. The normally helpful boards at the top of the escalators said a few delays on the District so I head to Bakerloo.

Why the fook the helpful boards didn't say that Waterloo station had been evacuated and that no trains were stopping there, Lord only knows.

So I got off at Embankment and took the District Line back to Richmond. It took the longest time ever. But was reading
Smoke and listening to my chillout toons so didn't really think at all about the stops between stops and the extra long stops at stops.

Did however notice a woman opposite me with a tweed coat and a matching tweed handbag nestling, cameleon like, in her lap, who ate an entire packet of Opal Fruits (sorry, Starburst or whatever they're called now) non stop, while staring into space.

I was once on the tube with my friend who did exactly the same with a packet of wine gums. I waited till she got to the end of the packet, which took under two minutes, and said "Thanks for the wine gum Shazzer" (I am Bridget Jones of the Tube I really do have a friend called Shazzer). She simply hadn't noticed that she "chain smoked" her confectionary too.

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