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Friday, November 11, 2005

Tube Fashion Victims Week 5

London Underground Victims of Fashion

It's Friday again and time for a round up of people I spotted on the Tube who I feel were being
slaves to fashion or had their own unique take on what fashionable actually is.

Let's start with a collection of footwear:

The Purple Pink Leopard Skin Look

Possibly something that Pat Butcher's or Bet Lynch's love child might wear if they spilt some pink paint over their shoes.

Pink Leopardskin

The shoes looks very masculine - apart from the pink leopardskin bits, but they were in fact being worn by a woman.

The Cat Woman

I'm sorry but do grown women really wear footwear with animals' faces on them?

Cat Woman

What a Chequered past

Hmmmm, not exactly the most stylish shoes, but at least you stand out in a crowd with them on.

Chequered Shoes

Jumpers for Trousers

From shoes we move up a little to a picture that Neil kindly took for me. He called me to say "I've just seen a woman who appears to be wearing a jumper as a pair of trousers" I thought the cold weather may have gone to his head, until I saw the wonderful combination below:

Jumper Trousers

There even seems to be a giant safety pin as part of the look!

It's Twiggy herself

I've been going on about Twiggy Trousers since starting these posts, referring to the three quarter length winter trousers that Twiggy has been modelling since she turned round the sales at Marks & Spencers with an approachable yet trendy TV ad campaign.

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself on South West Trains sitting opposite a woman who was the spitting image of Twiggy. She even had the Twiggy haircut. Only problem is that she was wearing a hideous bright pink wide belt, when everything else looked good and would have made Twiggy proud.

Twiggy Herself

Madonna and Burberry Bloke

Erm, are women still wearing flat caps? Like Madge (picture from October 2002) and her hubby Guy Ritchie. It appears so.....

Madonna & Burberry Bloke

And the poor man with the Burberry scarf next to her. Luckily he's old enough to not look like a chav, but it must be a worry for people who wear Burberry or Burberry look-a-likes these days to not be associated with the chaviness that is Burberry right now. Did anyone see the programme on BBC2 a few weeks ago - "Burberry versus The Chavs" where Burberry discussed how they were trying to get round this image problem?

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