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Friday, July 18, 2008

Converses on the London Underground

Converse shoes are taking over the Tube. I'm a
Converse fan, mainly as a result of writing about them on this blog for the Tube Fashion Victims. So I've become a Fashion Victim myself and wear them a lot now. It's not just because the current Dr Who wears them, it's because they're ridiculously comfortable and for woman with big feet I can buy "men's" ones and not look like I'm wearing mens's shoes.

Me and converse lady number 1

Yesterday I decided to carry out a little experiment and see how many people I could spot wearing Converses or at least footwear that looked like Converses on the London Underground.

There were a lot of them and I didn't go on a particularly unusual journey to spot them. The picture above has my foot on the left with my new-(ish) black and red Converses (see below) sitting next to woman wearing the traditional black and white All Stars.

Colour Migration may occur on Converses

I got off at Hammersmith and there were loads of them:

Rock Converses at Hammersmith

This rock guy above won the "Too Cool for School" Converse on the Tube award. Other Glamoursmith ones are below including a couple of pretenders:

Chuck Taylor Converses at Hammersmith Beige Converses Not Converses at Hammersmith Pretend Converses

Onto the Piccadilly Line and there were several more:

Converses on the Piccadilly Line

Brown Converses

Converses and Tinkerbell luggage tag

Plus a guy wearing Merrells (I've been corrected in the comments - thanks) Etnies - which aren't Converses I know and much more blokey (I think)


Coming home late there weren't so many or I was too tired to spot them. There was a guy in some Vans (again not Converses)

Vans on the Tube

But my favourites were a group of girls with Converses and Onya bags. They rocked - cool and green at the same time.

converses and Onya bags

Look out for Converses on your Tube journey today and let me know how many you see. Feel free to count yourself if you're wearing them.

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