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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love on the Central Line - South Woodford London Underground

A married couple returned to the place they first found love. That place was South Woodford Tube station. They also got engaged at the station and yesterday dressed up in their wedding clothes to thank the London Underground staff there.

Photo by Hayley Lehmann
Photo by Hayley Lehmann - see another great shot on her site

In December 2006, 30 year old Will Gull, a tax advisor, was on his way home on the Central Line after some post work drinks, and saw Katie Crammer, a 27 year old teacher, getting on the train at Bank station.

He wrote Katie a note: ’I think you are beautiful, from Will’, and put his phone at the bottom, and passed it to her.

Katie, also quite fancied him so handed back a note with her phone number saying: ’You’re not so bad yourself, from Katie’.

They decided to stop the notes and started chatting until they came to Will's home station - South Woodford.  They both left to have a drink in a  nearby winebar. After the drink they went both went to their own homes and the rest is history.

"Barnet photographer Hayley Lehmann, who took their pictures at their wedding in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, said she was captivated when they told her their romantic tale particularly as it nearly went awry.

"For the next few weeks the pair made calls and texts to each other, but were unable to find a time to meet up again and then it nearly all went wrong because incredibly they both lost their phones!

"But then they remembered the notes on which they had written their numbers and they finally arranged a date and they have been inseparable every since.

"Almost exactly three years after they met, on Katie’s birthday, Will treated her to a celebratory meal at The Ivy and then they travelled home on the Central line.

"When they got to South Woodford station, Will told Katie she must get off the train because her birthday present was here.

"Will got down on one knee and proposed to Katie in front of commuters and station staff – which is why they decided to travel back to South Woodford station to let the staff know their journey had a very happy ending," she told TfL.

London Underground’s Chief Operating Officer, Howard Collins said: “It is lovely to hear that we have brought this young couple together and that they returned to South Woodford to let our staff know.

“We had more than 1.1 billion passengers on the Tube last year so this can’t be the only couple who have found love on the Underground and their journey ended happily in marriage.

I love this story and often get asked about people who found love on the Tube. Howard Collins is right, but in my experience those stories are few and far between, so it's fantastic to hear this about Katie & Will.  Hope they took advantage of the free rail travel for any Kate & Will on Royal Wedding Day.

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