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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tube Accessibility one of "10 Key Passenger Priorities" from London TravelWatch ahead of Mayoral elections

London TravelWatch, the watchdog for transport users, published
10 key policies yesterday including one on accessibility, which it believes will improve the passenger experience for London's public transport users.

Making the Tube more Accessible - ‘10 policies to keep Londoners moving’

Produced ahead of the forthcoming Mayoral elections, the 10 key points are published in a series of C6 postcards. The watchdog has met  prospective mayoral candidates from the major parties in advance of finalising their manifestos, and the aim of these postcards is to help to focus us, when we will be undoubtably getting visits from representatives to our homes. We can use them to grill reps on where they stand on important transport issues.

Priority Seat Moquette

Key policies in the postcards & publication include ensuring frequent and comprehensive public transport such as providing longer trains more often, improved information, especially at times of disruption; a fair deal for customers; making it easier for passengers to join up their journeys and ensuring transport services have suitable access for the elderly, disabled, people tranporting buggies and from the looks of the picture above, those struggling to get luggage on the London Underground.

Sharon Grant, Chair of London TravelWatch said: “The 10 policies that we are urging mayoral candidates to consider will help to make public transport in London more customer-focused. They reflect the challenges experienced by the travelling public who are all too often faced with unclear and inconsistent information, when they deserve a joined up service. Londoners also want frequent and comprehensive public transport which is attractively priced.”

Children & Luggage use large gate

Accessiblity on the London Underground will be a strong one. Obviously it's essential for the elderly, disabled & people with kids in buggies (although I can't say I sympathise hugely with the large luggage approach as I use Piccadlilly line trains coming from Heathrow a lot & huge suitcases take up so much space in the rush hour, it's a pain in the butt).

2011! We need more lookup tables
We need more lookup tables by Nick Ludlam

I also like their points on fair deals for fares & Oyster card over charges "Oyster has revolutionised the journey experience. However, where its complexities mean passengers lose money by not ‘touching in or out’, they should be able to resolve the problem quickly via a free phone number. It is unacceptable that passengers are overcharged and then asked to ring a high-priced phone line to get redress."

Corrupted Oysters by Martin Deutsch
Corrupted Oysters by Martin Deutsch

Their point on providing reliable & timely information is also a priority in my opinion. "Technology must be harnessed to deliver up-tothe- minute travel information at all journey stages. Internet and text messaging initiatives are welcome, but provide limited help for passengers at bus stops."

Quite a few delays then

"Passengers are most in need of information during times of disruption. All transport providers must work together at times of disruption to minimise the impact on passengers, and the Mayor should take the lead in facilitating this".

What do you think of the policies (available here on pdf) and which are the most important for you?

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