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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Re-naming Jubilee Line & Signs of the Diamond Jubilee on the Tube

Did you know that a group of  Labour MPs have signed a Parliamentary motion urging that the London Underground Jubilee line - should be re-named the Elizabeth Jubilee Line to mark the Diamond Jubilee?

Here's what they said "this House expresses its profound gratitude to Her Majesty The Queen for her dedication to public service; welcomes the opportunities over the coming months that the nation will have to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, a landmark that only Her Majesty and Queen Victoria have reached out of the 41 monarchs who have reigned in England and the UK since William the Conqueror; notes that the Jubilee tube line is so named in celebration of Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee in 1977; and, in celebration of Her Majesty becoming only the second Monarch to reign for an exceptional 60 years, calls for the Jubilee Line to be renamed the Elizabeth Jubilee Line, to commemorate the great occasion of this Diamond Jubilee year."

It has been signed by six MPs. Ermmm, I can't really see them having much luck with that. What do you think?

On the subject of Jubilees, even though the Queen's Golden Jubilee was only 10 years ago, I have very little recollection of it. It was the year before I started blogging, I wasn't exactly cataloguing my thoughts and sights on the Tube in the same way I do now. I'm struggling to remember if there were any posters on the London Underground relating to the event. I'm guessing there must have been. This got me thinking about the Diamond Jubilee and TfL's efforts to "publicise" it.

Diamond Jubilee Tube Ad by Annie Mole

I'd blogged before about the posters around the system advising us to check TfL's website for any special travel arrangements over the Jubilee weekend
My favourite is one with a pair of corgis looking into a laptop. You'll also see the Queen peering into her laptop and one of her Maj's guardsmen in a bearskin checking out the travel plans too. So far so Jubilee.

TfL Jubilee Poster 

Slightly more puzzling is TfL's attempt to cash in on Jubilee parties.

TfL Jubilee Party

They're selling a host of "party packs" - cake decorations and tea stands with no relation to transport at all. However, some Jubilee travelcard cushions, cups and tea towels are also added to the poster, for those who think that TfL actually ought to sell transporty things.

However, TfL aren't the worst people trying to cash in on the Jubilee. I've seen a number of posters on the Tube with crowns, Union Flags and the words "Right Royal" randomly added to them. My favourite of these "Let's try to Jubilee Up our products" is this poster for that well known British Food - the Mexican wrap.

Burrito Diamond Jubilee Tube Ad

Obviously your first choice of grub when throwing a Jubilee party.

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