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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Priority Seat Sticker Spoof - Guess Where Tube 17

Many of you may have already seen this sticker on the London Underground. It's doing the rounds on a number of Londony sites & message boards you may already read. However, there seems to be some argument as to which line it was seen on!  So I thought it would be a perfect candidate for "Guess Where Tube".  See if you can guess from exactly where the photo was taken from.

Priority Seat Sticker Spoof

For visitors unfamiliar with the "Guess Where Tube" game it's where I ask you to guess from exactly where on the London Underground, certain pictures from the London Tube Flickr group were taken from.

I first saw it yesterday afternoon when I friend of mine alerted me to it on Twitter.  She knows who she is, but I'm not giving her name at the moment, as it would help in at least narrowing down the line the picture was taken from.

It's very similar in tone to a number of spoof stickers I've blogged about in the past (Spoof Stickers on the Central Line, Emergency Margaritas on the Tube, Subway Advisory Notices, Cheer up the Tube stickers).  Probably nearest to the one pictured above are spoofs of priority seat stickers seen on the subway in Japan.  Here's the original

Here's the spoof.  A brilliant attempt to show how someone became pregnant or was carrying a child in the first place.

Japanese Priority Seat Sign

They've taken with some liberty with the order of the pictures but I love the end result.

Anyway, back to the one in London, this time there's no prizes for getting it right, just the satisfaction of knowing you were right and are able to prove to others on the internet that they are wrong.


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