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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Official buskers all over the place now and the "
if you can't have a shave in the toilet where can you have a shave" buskers were spotted on a mainline train being rather pissed off about the official ones. I guess they did the audition and weren't deemed good enough. It's amazing they've been around for at least fifteen years and still don't seem to have changed their material.

Quite liked the above sign from the tube, as it says please support the buskers "in the usual way", what's that the tube officially acknowledging a formerly illegal practice or supporting an illegal practice as "usual". I'm confused!!!????

OH JOY - Just stumbled across the author Neil Gaiman's blog. Neil wrote the truly bizarre and imaginative book and TV series Neverwhere about a strange underground world which features characters named after tube stations. In London Below, feudal law rules, and all sorts of creatures exist. It is a fantasy world with mythic beasts and people wearing Victorian clothes, and speaking in the appropriate Victorian tongue - rather like the history of the tube itself.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Saw my first
official London Underground busker at Piccadilly Circus. It was quite weird really as I could hear some really loud music and I thought, wow - whoever that busker is, has managed to smuggle some top speakers onto the corridors. Wonder if it's an official one? And lo and behold it was. In fact two tube staff had just finished taking some official pictures of him and where clearing away their tripod when I walked past.

The busker himself was playing guitar and was quite good. He was on a little semi circular picture of a wooden floor trying to give the impression that he was on stage and Carling's logo's were stamped across the "floor". So it would appear that the bottom of the escalator on leaving Piccadilly Circus from the Piccadilly Line is an official busking position.

I'm waiting to see the first "wars" between official and unofficial ones......watch this space.

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

End of the line for Mail Tube

I've been in Salisbury and Brighton this Bank Holiday weekend and while in Brighton one of my friends told me that the Royal Mail tube that carried letters across London in the middle of the night is to be closed down. I only heard about this "tube train" a few weeks ago for the first time so I can't say I actually mourn its loss too much.

However the
BBC website which reports the news is pondering for a new commercial use for the 75 year old service. Looking at the picture of it above, nothing immediately springs to mind apart from giving a tube system to mice. As it only seems large enough to carry midget sized people. It would also keep the mice in Anthea Turner's books happy.

PS .....Totally not tube related but too funny not to mention in passing. United Kingdom nil points Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Results - I can't stop laughing.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours (again)

Ended up sitting next to my next door neighbour but two on the tube coming home (not the one with the wig mentioned earlier) but she lives next door to him. Had a nice chat where I told her about the saga of my broken leg and she in in turn as we left and walked home together tolf be about her frustrating journey home today which took almost two hours (Old Street to Kew Gardens - normally about an hour twenty minutes I'd say). Can't remember the exact details but the bottom line was that while she was waiting she was getting angrier and angrier and so had time to complete the Customer Charter (where supposedly you can get money back if your tube is more than 15 minutes late) and marched with me to the post box to send it off.

I wish more people did this - you just get so apathetic that you forget. To my shame I don't think I've ever sent one off in my life even though I have lost count of the amount of times I've waited longer than fifteen minutes for a Kew Gardens tube at Hammersmith.

Perhaps I will do it, next time, specially as someone let me know of a more automated way of
getting a refund.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Saw the ad at Piccadilly Circus which is publicising legalised busking on the tube.

ad for buskers at Piccadilly Circus

Apparently there are going to be some auditions and it's being used as an excuse for the London Underground to find some more money from somewhere cos they don't make enough from our tube fares

(STOP PRESS.....London Underground tube fares are the most expensive in the world - �1.60 for a single journey of one stop in central London cf with an average of �1 everywhere else in the world.....I digress)

Anyway the auditons or the busking will be sponsored by Carling. Good one. Basically if you drink enough Carling lager you will develop a mad urge to sing "Streets of London" or "Wonderwall" to complete strangers whilst strumming away on an out of tune guitar.

Also found today that the band Turin Brakes performed a little gig today at Canary Wharf to launch this noble initiative.

For more on music and buskers on the tube check out Going Underground.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Found a strange little site that had linked to my
tuberules page today which compares London with Hong Kong in bullet point form.

It's starts with the Underground:

MTR: Wonderful & modern. Very efficient.

Underground: Complicated network with rats. Can stop between stations for 15 minutes without air-conditioning.

For more comparisons of London with Hong Kong

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

If only I had a Quicksnap

One of those days where I really wanted a camera on me so I could take a picture of a pigeon on the tube and people's faces watching it. I've seen so many pigeons travelling on the tube it's not surprising to me - apart from when they fly into your face when you're trying to get on a train and they're zooming off.

It was obviously the first time the people opposite me at Earls Court on the District Line had seen one though. They killed themselves laughing and then were worried about what would happen if the doors closed before it got off. The answer is nothing. Pigeons quite happily travel for several stops before they get off a tube. The couple opposite then went into a long convoluted story about the pigeon flying off in the underground part of the Underground and going mad. Then being shooed onto a train going in the opposite direction so it could go back to it's "house".

For more on
Commuter Pigeons check out Going Underground.

You can just about see the little blighters here

You can just about see the little blighters here

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.

This is a report of yesterday's journey but it's still having me chuckling so will report today.

I live in Kew which is on the green and leafy end of the District Line and yesterday morning a few yards from the tube station I noticed two police cars, a large van and a small crowd of people. It didn't take me long to figure out it was the Kew residents in their active campaign to stop a mobile phone mast from being erected.

I went to wait for my train and watched the shananigans from a distance. These mainly involved a bunch of middle classed people in fleeces and with golfing umbrella's gesticulating and refusing to move until the "un planned" and "un approved" O2 mast people had gone on their evil way. After ten minutes about 30 or so people were there. Some had sensibly bought along chairs from their house and ironically a few were using mobile phones to mobilise more troops.

Amongst the group was the guy who lives in an enormous house across the road from me. The house is so big that our road is actually named after it. Anyway I learnt today that the residents succeeded in stopping the mast and the matter is now between the council and O2.

Reluctantly I had to jump on the train when it eventually pulled up only to be sitting in the same carriage as my next door but several neighbour who has the worst wig in the world. It always cracks me up when I see him as he must think that it not noticeable as a wig, and I can't believe that no one's ever told him to just wear a hat instead. Or perhaps it is a hat that's shaped like a wig.

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

the website is as ugly as a rotten banana...still the best website about the tube

I almost choked on my toothpaste today while I came across a site that had referred to GoingUnderground and this blog:

Going Underground. I've blogged that before, and although the website is as ugly as a rotten banana, Going Underground is still the best website about the Tube."

Anyway the blogmaster of The Cartoonist goes on to say:

"Going Underground again. And here is Annie Mole's Going Underground Weblog. Annie is the webmaster of the 'Going Underground' website and is now probably mad at me because I questioned the aesthetics of the main site. The blog looks great, though!

Mad, moi???? Oi matey, "content is king" allright - yep I'm crap at web design, yep the site takes ages to load, but hey if someone wants to redesign the whole site for free I'd be happy to let anyone have a go. Seriously, no offence taken. Glad people find what they want from the site even if they have to search a bit and get used to the navigation (don't say what navigation?)

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Apparently I'm "the spiritual thought leader of the London Underground system"

I must apologize to Jag Minhas who sent me a link to his story about it taking him
9 hours to get home on the day before I broke my leg. It was the night (30th Jan 2003) that London got 4 centremetres of snow and ground to a standstill. People were stuck on motorways for hours and many people at my office the following day had tales of how it took them hours to get home too. I broke my leg in two places the following day and the world took a bit of a back seat when I wallowed in the fact that I would be in plaster and using crutches for the next six weeks.

So to recitify the balance all power to Jag Minhas who has complained to everyone you could possibly think of to try to find out why it took him 9 hours to get home. He's written to London Transport, Mayor Ken Livingstone, and even the Met Weather office and he's published all the replies on his site

Jag said: "I have emailed just about everybody who I think are representative of the collective responsibility of transport systems of London. I even emailed Annie Mole - the spiritual thought leader of the London Underground system - but apart from a couple of politically spun responses from Mayor Ken�s office - I have had little back from anybody. Alas - it seems nobody is interested."

Since then Jag has had a number of responses, so people are interested in a way, but possibly not prepared to do anything about it.

Well Jag I hope this entry has helped a few others to see your efforts now and it's great that your site has had many visitors from around the world. Give Grumbletext a try too - let's shame the system into some action.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

OK, own up - who's marketing my site to all these lads mags.

Going Underground is now Bizarre's site of the Week - and they've highlighted the picture of me modelling a Mind the Gap T shirt.

Click here for your own Mind the Gap T shirt

Must say this is the first time my chest has ever appeared in something vaguely to do with porn. Perhaps I should give up the day job.

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Friday, May 02, 2003

My day is complete after seeing my site traffic hit the roof, I found that
Going Underground had the honour of becoming one of FHM's top 100 websites

Words cannot express the pleasure of being in the "five minute fixes" section and being seen up there with Rate my Poo, Idiots on Parade, Tight Shorts, Porn Pranks and Foreign Filth

Puts on best Mr Burns voice and taps fingers together ......"Excellent".

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